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Current version 1.1 (released on 2 Nov 2017)

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WooClientZone is fully integrated with WooCommerce to provide communication areas (Client Zones) where the client and the merchant can exchange files and rich-text messages, both before and after an order is placed.

The plugin is very flexible and may for example be configured to just allow communications either before or after an order is placed. It can also be configured to disable messaging (or file uploads) from the client, with separate settings for Client Zones carrying communications before and after orders.

WooClientZone is built for businesses providing consultancy work and/or services, and more generally for those activities where strong interaction with the client (before or after an order is placed, or both) is part of the business model. Businesses from providers of legal or medical advice, to those creating custom graphics (from t-shirts to company logos) can greatly benefit from WooClientZone.

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